Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tiddly Inks Challenge

Sooo...I've been down and out with a seriously bad back for days, many, many days.  I've made progress-slow progress.  Just when I thought I was on my way, my little dog let out a piercing shriek announcing the arrival of my husband.  I had been sound asleep.  You know how you jump awake when your startled-yeah, that happened. A scream followed, a blood curdling, too loud scream as the pain shot through and through.  Needless to say, I lost ground in the recovery process.

Well, today I decided  that though I'm uncomfortable, and I move like I'm well into my 100th year, I needed to do some moving.  Realizing that given my back issues this might be my new normal (oh, how I hope NOT), I'd better put on my big girl panties and just do it.  Nothing taxing, mind you-purely pleasure!  I went to my studio (aka the cats' apartment) and with one cat in my lap and another at my feet, I colored away.  The cards may not be inspired-I prefer to call them clean and simple which honestly is my style anyway-these are just a little simpler than usual.

These are TiddlyInk images.  I vowed not to get hooked on another digi artist.  My computer is stuffed full with an impressive number of digis-clearly, I have a problem, but been down and out for so many days, I did a little blog hopping-seemed harmless enough!  Hah!  I'm on a design team with the very talented Angie.  She's a guest designer for Tiddly Inks this week-this is her fault!  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!  These little girls were just too cute.  Apparently, they needed me as much as I needed them because they hopped right into my cart.

I've already written notes to two friends, one in need of cheering and the other to whom I owe thanks.  They'll be in the mail by Tuesday :-)


  1. Beautiful coloring as always Ann. I do have a love affair with Wren myself. Glad to see the cats allowed you into their apartment. Hugs

  2. Beautiful cards - happy recovery.....I fell asleep the other day lying in front of the open fire until my dog decided to wash my face and wake me up to the delight and laughter of everyone minus me!

  3. Ann, I am so sorry you are having so much pain! I haven't had back issues, but my husband has a lot of trouble with his neck and back - multiple surgeries. He tells me the only way to face them is to just move and don't let the pain stop you. I can't imagine what he goes through or what you go through! Despite the pain, you card is beautiful and your coloring is wonderfully done. Many hugz - ones with the hope of healing!

  4. My FAULT??? Ha! You did such a lovely job with the Tiddly Ink images though! :) He-he!

  5. they are both just gorgeous!
    I hope your back is feeling better now
    thankyou for playing along with the tiddly inkers
    hugs Lou xx


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