Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sassy Cheryl's-Show Us Your Layers

It's week two of the Sassy Cheryl's Show Us Your Layers Challenge-still a whole week to join us!

I used another oldie, but goodie! How cute is this little gal?! I used some scraps, a few dies (Technique Tuesday), and colored her up with my Copics...oh, and lots of layers :-)

Sassy Cheryl has created a number of You Tube videos-I actually signed up so I won't miss a one! She demonstrates her mad coloring skills with Faber Castell Polychromos, lists the numbers she uses, and on the last one, even gave a list of comparable Prisma pencils. 

For a link to the videos, go to SassyCheryl'sDaily.blogspot.com
Here's a note from the Sassy lady herself!

Oh and I've been picking random images during the week to discount, so you may want to follow me on Facebook or my daily blog to see what is on sale during the week.  You won't want to miss out on that. And don't forget to check out all the videos and tutorials on my YouTube channel.  
I'd love to hear from you.'

Now, ladies, I've come to the conclusion that I am becoming an "old dog" so new tricks, well, they take some warming up, BUT have some pencils so, I thought, I have to give this a whirl. Honestly, I don't see me becoming a pencil convert. I would, however, like to be proficient. PRACTICE...that word continues to crop up, doesn't it?! 

Sooo, here she is. Her face is a bit muddy, but, well...practice!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sassy Cheryl's Challenge #205-Show Us Your Layers!

A new Sassy Cheryl's challenge-Show Us Your Layers with a Sassy Cheryl's image! I don't know about you, but I love the multi-layered cards. There are some folks who are just so good at it! I managed to use a lot of layers here-it helps when you've got these coordinated paper pads, doesn't it!

As I said last week, I've been delving into my archives to use some of the marvelous Sassy Cheryl images I've ignored for a while. This little guy is perfect for a birthday card, don't you think? I love, love, LOVE teddy bears, oh, and bunnies, and yes, puppies, oh and of course, kittens... I colored this little guy with Copics-my lovely pencils look nice in my studio, but I'm afraid they don't get a lot of use despite Ms. Sassy Cheryl's fabulous videos. Seriously, though, If you'd like to improve your pencil skills, Cheryl has put together a great series of videos---and she truly is a master! 

I do hope you'll join us for this challenge. You have two full weeks to play along! 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phindy's Place is Closing

Life is about change, about beginnings, and endings...

Phindy's Place, a wonderful digital stamp shop is closing. You have just days to pick up some wonderful images that you'll happily use for years to come.  I am saddened by this. I've told this story before, but given this news, I am going to repeat it.

In the fall of 2008, my mother became ill, and the doctor told us it was no longer safe for her to live by herself. What she wanted most in the world was to stay in her own home. After much discussion, my husband and I decided to make this possible. I resigned from my job and moved in with her. My husband continued to live in our how as he was working over two hours away. This was a challenging time.

I have long been a crafter- sewing, scrapping, stamping...it all took "stuff" and space. During this time I discovered "digis", and it opened up the world of card making. This lead me to Paper Craft Planet, no also closed, where I discovered some very talented artists who decided to dabble in digital stamps. I also "met" some very wonderful people, and, in fact, we have met and become good friends, a wonderful support network, all because we shared a passion for crafting. I applied for a few design teams and was delighted to have been chosen.

I was on Phindy's until she decided to stop the weekly challenges. Phindy is an illustrator by
profession, and her images are stories in and of themselves-charming, sweet, nostalgic, sentimental...all words I use to describe her style.

Life is full of twists and turns. Our PCP group traveled that road together for quite a while. Family circumstances changed, people moved, jobs changed, interests changed... But for those years, I had my "Phindy Phamily"- thank you, Phindy.

In 2010, my mother wanted a pet of her own, one to cuddle with, one to comfort her. Our two small dogs lived with us, and though one was very attentive, I think a cat was what the doctor ordered-a cat with its soothing purr. So, together we went to the animal shelter ---so many cats, but my mother wanted one that had been declawed-it's not something she felt good about having done to a cat, but if there was one out there who had been declawed, well, that worked. We've had a few too many upholstered piece destroyed by claws. We were introduced to Earl ( I have no recollection of his shelter name). He was skidish after his months in the wilderness so to speak. He was handsome, a "Snow Shoe". He came home with us. My mother was in love, but within a week of his coming, he demonstrated one of his skills which may have been his near on doing. Earl opens doors...and so he did. We discovered the front door open and Earl gone. My mother was devastated and literally mourned. Her spirits were low, and I feared she would give up. I shared the story with my Phindy Phamily. They were all so kind, offering words and prayers of support. Remarkably, a few days later, when I had given up hope of ever seeing him, again, I glanced out the window of my mother's room- there he was. Not certain I could easily get him, I just left the room without a word. I approached him slowly, oh, so slowly and then knelt down and called him softly and he came! My mother wept with joy! I recounted to story to my Phindy Phamily and shortly thereafter, this beautiful image showed up in my email- my turn to cry! My mother was tickled and she showed all of her visitors the image she inspired. It was a magical gift.

My mother died in 2011- an ending. I miss her everyday. Earl continues to thrive and hasn't attempted to go outside since that fateful day-he's doubled his weight, literally. Why risk a good thing! He does open doors from time to time, but only interior doors.

I will miss Phindy's Place, but happily, I have acquired just about all of her wonderful images. If you want a little magic to show up at your house, head over to Phindy's Place today...you'll be glad you did.

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Sassy Cheryl's: Anything Goes...

It's week two of the anything goes challenge at Sassy Cheryl's...come on out and play!!! You have the opportunity to win two Sassy Cheryl's images. It's impossible to feel down when you're creating with one of these images. I find myself smiling as I color-now, my friends, that's therapy!

So, this week, I dove into my archives (LOL)...I have oh, so many Sassy Cheryl's images! I jump on the new ones as soon as they come out, and Ms. Sassy Cheryl is so prolific that there is usually something new in the store. This week, I decided to looked back---great, great images---just saying'

This is a very simple card-just coloring with my Copics,
 and a little scissor fun using Simple Stories Year.O.Graphy.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sassy Cheryl's #204 Anything Goes...

Sally and Bella are teaming up for my challenge card this week at Sassy Cheryl's.  I so wanted a dog as a child, but I was a teenager before we got one, and he looked something like Bella. His name was Herbie. Hey, we loved the Disney Love Bug movie...and now you know, I have been on this planet for quite sometime now. He was a mutt, a Heinz 57 as my mother used to say, not unlike his owners, products of this giant melting pot called America, but he clearly had Schnauzer roots.

I've been on a bit of a cleaning spree-organizing, purging where I feel comfortable (which my husbands claims is never-hah!), and using up odds and ends of DP.  I recently acquired a few Technique Tuesday dies to use for my Project Life pages and decided to test them out on a card!

You have TWO WEEKS to enter the Sassy Cheryl's challenge, now! Whoo hoo! I'm guessing at some point in the next two weeks you can (SHOULD) carve out a little time to let your creative juices flow. It's so good for you :-) Remember, you must use a Sassy Cheryl's image for this challenge-so many stinking cute ones to choose from and Cheryl generally offers a sale on at least one every weekend-they truly are practically free!

Oh, and if you are pencil challenged as I am, you might want to check out Cheryl's latest video, a tutorial :-) She's a mighty talented lady, and I'm so excited that she's sharing this with us!

Other challenges I plan to enter with this card:
613 Avenue Create - W - Challenge #60 Anything Goes w/Optional Twist: Use your Stash

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pink Sneakers and a Happy Heart

Yes, they're pink, really HOT pink, knock you eyes out pink, and remarkably, they are mine. They were on sale, a really good sale, and can I just say, mighty comfortable. It's like stepping from pillow to pillow, and they're light, very light so it's almost like going barefoot across those pillows.

Pink was not my first choice, not even my second. I hoped for the ever so subtle grey version, but I wear size gynormous, and I do not always have the luxury of style selection let alone color selection. Since I seldom wear sneakers in public, a hang over from my youth, I figured the pink would be okay.

Now, I bought these back in October. Today is only the second time I've worn them. Within days of the purchase, I put them on my feet as I was involved in an activity that required some substantial grunt work and running around. I walked into the venue ready to work. One of my "co-workers" shrieks, "Whoa! Look at those shoes!" See Ann turn 50 shades of RED. Now, honestly, I'm pretty confident she didn't mean to offend or embarrass me or to make me uncomfortable, but...so, back in the closet they went, until today.

Today is a snow day. Except for a brief walk outside with the dogs, and then I was wearing boots (oh, and they're purple and I am so okay with that!) I'm not going anywhere. My feet are happy and this bright color, well, it's just helps me feel happy.

So why do I care what other people say/think? Lord knows, I'm old enough to be so over that! And, of all things, a pair of brightly colored sneakers!

In a few weeks, a new decade begins. How I got here is beyond my understanding. Time is a funny thing, isn't it? How can something move at both a snails pace and faster than the speed of light? One of my goals for this new phase, this new decade, is to try (and it will be a challenge) to care little about what other people think...unless of course, they are folks who are in my heart, folks whose opinions DO matter to me. So, if you see a mature, albeit not bad looking for her age woman strolling around in electric pink sneakers or purple boots or patent leather red clogs, it's probably me. And, if you think I look ridiculous, just know, I really don't care-okay, I do sort of care, but know that my feet are comfortable and my heart is happy!

Art Impressions-Spring Chicken Set

AI Spring Chicken Set AI Clean and Simple.  While I do appreciate a fussy card, my style tends to be "Clean and Simple"...