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One Little Word...2015

I recently went back and looked at old blog posts, pre-blogger, Typepad posts.  When I started blogging, I paid for my platform. When you pay for something, I honestly think you value it more. Initially, I blogged about scrap booking, about healing from a traumatic loss, about life, and then I got involved in design teams. Most of my posts were design team related. One by one, the design teams fell away; my life changed; my interests changed...the blog, for the most part, sits silently in cyber space. But every once in a great while, I remember it's here, and so I post.

I've had the flu. Being ill for an extended period of time tends to make me introspective. It's also that time of year, the time when you think about resolutions, goal setting, dreams...

Now, at 60, I'm so incredibly aware of how fleeting life is, how very fragile we all are, how valuable the moments are. One of my friends asked what my OLW is for 2015. I paused. For the first time in a few years, my w…

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