Monday, March 3, 2014

Pink Sneakers and a Happy Heart

Yes, they're pink, really HOT pink, knock you eyes out pink, and remarkably, they are mine. They were on sale, a really good sale, and can I just say, mighty comfortable. It's like stepping from pillow to pillow, and they're light, very light so it's almost like going barefoot across those pillows.

Pink was not my first choice, not even my second. I hoped for the ever so subtle grey version, but I wear size gynormous, and I do not always have the luxury of style selection let alone color selection. Since I seldom wear sneakers in public, a hang over from my youth, I figured the pink would be okay.

Now, I bought these back in October. Today is only the second time I've worn them. Within days of the purchase, I put them on my feet as I was involved in an activity that required some substantial grunt work and running around. I walked into the venue ready to work. One of my "co-workers" shrieks, "Whoa! Look at those shoes!" See Ann turn 50 shades of RED. Now, honestly, I'm pretty confident she didn't mean to offend or embarrass me or to make me uncomfortable,, back in the closet they went, until today.

Today is a snow day. Except for a brief walk outside with the dogs, and then I was wearing boots (oh, and they're purple and I am so okay with that!) I'm not going anywhere. My feet are happy and this bright color, well, it's just helps me feel happy.

So why do I care what other people say/think? Lord knows, I'm old enough to be so over that! And, of all things, a pair of brightly colored sneakers!

In a few weeks, a new decade begins. How I got here is beyond my understanding. Time is a funny thing, isn't it? How can something move at both a snails pace and faster than the speed of light? One of my goals for this new phase, this new decade, is to try (and it will be a challenge) to care little about what other people think...unless of course, they are folks who are in my heart, folks whose opinions DO matter to me. So, if you see a mature, albeit not bad looking for her age woman strolling around in electric pink sneakers or purple boots or patent leather red clogs, it's probably me. And, if you think I look ridiculous, just know, I really don't care-okay, I do sort of care, but know that my feet are comfortable and my heart is happy!


  1. Oh Ann I do love you! You are just the gal I want for my Bestie! You are so awesome.

  2. One thing nice about getting older (and I am so there), you can wear whatever you want ESPECIALLY if it is comfortable. I wear bright colored shoes to the gym because that is the color that was on sale and the most comfortable things I put on when I was at the store.

  3. One thing nice about getting older (and I am so there) is wearing whatever I want ESPECIALLY if it is comfortable. I wear brightly colored shoes to the gym because that was the color that was on sale and the most comfortable things I put on my feet.


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