Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life

Oh, how I love to scrapbook, but often times, other things take priority.  I am into good old fashioned scrapbooking-two page spreads scrapbooking. Though I love my technology, I could never get into digital scrapbooking. I love the stuff of scrapbooking-papers, stamps, embellishments, cutting and and gluing, getting sticky, manipulating the page. I did the whole SMASH book thing-had some fun with that and now,  Project Life. It's taken me a bit to embrace Project Life-those tidy little, pre-determined  photo holders...the directionality of photos...Hmmm...

Well, my life long (really-we've been BFFs since we were 4!) is really into Project Life-she even meets up with some other Project Life enthusiasts on a pretty regular basis. I haven't met ANYONE in my area that loves this stuff the way I do, but my BFF, though hundreds of miles away, keeps in touch. I see her work, and I am inspired.

I have been following Ali Edwards for many years, now. She, of course, is a master life artist. I've taken a few online classes from her and actually met her back in 2005. Because of my hectic work schedule back then, I was unable to take a class with her, but I did meet her at the end of her long day. I was oh, so tender-my darling son had just passed away in the weeks before; my father had died 6 months earlier. Ali was so very kind and empathetic. It made me admire her more! Naturally, I am a "follower" of all things Ali, so when my BFF directed me to Technique Tuesday (sure, I had heard of Technique Tuesday and had already collected a number of stamps) but oh, dear---have you seen their steel dies?! Now, this opened up some fun creative moments---love, love, LOVE these dies!

My Quickutz collection was collecting dust-but, oh, joy, now I see all kinds of possibilities for using these, again! If you are a die cut user and have a Big Shot, you MUST pick up the new magnetic plate-can I just say, a super tool!  No more taping dies-it's fabulous!

Here are a few of my favorite recent creations. The subject, of course, makes this oh, so much fun and so very heartwarming---my darling grand daughter-my first, my only, and my favorite :-)

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