Sunday, October 19, 2014

Poor, Poor, Sad, Lonely Blog....

Poor, poor, sad, lonely blog!  Oh, I've been creating, even photographing some of my creations, but posting, well, mostly on FaceBook. I'm not alone. Today, I spent about an hour looking through bookmarks and found many blogs I once frequented, no longer exist.

Soooo, should I just let it go? I just don't know. This blog isn't a busy one, that's for sure. I'm no longer on design teams and am not even applying to any. I create because I love to create. I used to love to share my creations. Actually, in my earliest blogging years, I had a Typepad account. I posted my scrapbook pages, my journaling. I actually thought I might be able to generate some interest, perhaps a small business creating scrapbooks for others. Life changed pretty dramatically as it so often does and I found myself caring for my aging mother in her home. I had few crafting materials and limited space and time. This is when I discovered card making and learned a new term-"Digi." And, oh, my, did I ever love to color! There were design teams and Paper Craft Planet and groups to join and friends to make. I loved my new world. 

Life got busy, circumstances and priorities changed, the crafting world changed ...FaceBook took hold. Design teams began to fold. Suddenly, it seemed, everything was a competition, a comparison. What once made me happy, made me feel a little proud, started to make me feel inadequate. I didn't feel good enough. I struggled with this and really questioned my reasons for even posting. Was it about how many visitors I attracted (because, man, that was oh, so disappointing!) So, did that mean I wasn't any good at what i was creating or did it mean I wasn't any good at self promoting? In any case, it didn't make me feel good. I did finally decided that I would continue to post just in case a friend or one of my kids wanted to see what I was up to, but even they stopped dropping by. There are just so many blogs out there, so much social media, so many things that take our time and attention. I stopped blogging, but I didn't stop creating.

Over the last few months, I've given most of my creative time and energy to a charity.  I'm a member of a committee that hosts a charity event for St. Martin's Ministries. This year's theme was a 1920's Speakeasy. Here are just a few of the things I made for this amazing event...

I signed up for the Kit and Clowder coloring classes, too. It meant giving up some other fall's all about choices. Because of the way these classes are designed and set up, I can go at my own pace which in this case, has been a snail's pace! I practice... 

And then, sometimes, I even make some cards! 

Here are a couple of Sassy Cheryl's cutie-patooties.  Sassy Cheryl has a FaceBook page now-Sassy Cheryl's Neighborhood. I can't write this without Fred Rodgers signature song playing in my head! You can head on over to see all kinds of sassy goodness. There's a monthly challenge, too-anything goes with a Sassy Cheryl's image.

And, of course, I love Mo's Digital Pencil---
her FaceBook page is called Bella and Bronte's Playhouse.

Perhaps I'll start posting, again. Maybe not...time will tell. 
Oh, but I do love to color (and cut, and paste, and play with paper and fabric and photos and pencils and...)


  1. hi there,
    you know, personally I prefer blogs that are not as massive, not so competitive, you know, where the crafting is still coming from the heart... I would find it a pity if you shut the blog down, on the other hand I also could understand it... It's frustrating to put all the work in and you get the feeling you are reaching noone out there. But hey, you do... Hugs from Germany, I would love to see more of your creations again...

    1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make such a lovely comment! Every kindness matters!

  2. I love reading your bog Ann and get so inspired by the things you share. You can tell it is a work from your heart. It is easy to wonder if our work is good enough but I tell you it is my friend! hugs~


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