Monday, March 18, 2013

Sassy Cheryls Show Me Thursday

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's Monday night, but I DID do this on Thursday while in Florida! 
 (I wear PolarTec even in Florida.  It was chilly.  What can I say?)

We spent 12 days in Fl starting in Miami, visiting Key West, then ending up on the West Coast.  We traveled with dear friends and met up with friends as well.  We saw so much, ate too much, strolled the beaches (wearing that very jacket---it was windy!), did a little shopping...  

Thursday was craft day. The husbands played golf; the ladies visited Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and an awesome fabric store.  One of the women is a quilter-oh, the quilts she has made!  I am in awe.  She decided it was time I learn to appliqué so with her guidance, this is what I created.  It's slow going, but I felt pretty good about my first attempt.  I have a pattern waiting --- it's BEEN waiting for a year! 

Ready, set, go...

We're home now.  I've been wanting to sew, again, and this lady so inspired me!  My darling daughter, the new Momma, has asked me if I'd smock a dress for the baby.  After looking at little $85.00 dresses in FL,  I came home and pulled out my 30 year old pleater. I was sure the roller bar was bent, but I could never get rid of it.  It's moved with us several times though it hadn't been used since my youngest girls we're preteens!  

After talking to my multi-talented, super creative friend, Shirley, of Tangents from Tazmania fame, I decided to take it apart, clean it up, examine and order new needles...see if I could get that machine working again.  YEAH!!!  After nearly 20 years of not smocking, I've pleated up two dresses for my dear little grand baby.  Let the smocking begin :-) 

So, my friends, that's what I've been up to---what have you been up to?


  1. Oh Ann!!!!! how great is this! what a darling little first project! can't wait to see what your going to create next! you go girl!
    so happy that your machine still works, what are the chances:)
    love seeing your sweet smiling face!
    hugs to ya

  2. Oh Ann, this is fabulous, and yep, you can need a jacket in south Fl in Feb. Hey you can even need one in July inside where the AC is running great guns. Your appliqued Hello Kitty is fabulous, and so glad that cleaning the machine and replacing the needles has it working again. Need to break out my machine and get busy on some outfits for Lucy Ann. You might be inspiring me.

  3. So cute Ann! And I agree, loved seeing you and that smile. I can say I really miss my sassy friends!
    Can't wait to see something you made from that ol' machine you got out and fixed up!! hugs~ T

  4. Your smile is addictive Ann! And what a fabulous little 'Hello Kitty' image. Does your talent ever end?! I am SO glad that you were able to get your pleater fixed. I can't wait to see some photos of what you have created for that gorgeous grand baby, Nora!
    Thanks for playing in the SMT fun!!!


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