Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nature's Creations...

We have a butterfly bush in our backyard.  Today, we noted lots of activity at the bush!  Our heat index is over 100 degrees so I haven't been spending much time outside, but I had to try and get some pictures of these beauties!  I got as close as I dared.  At first, they fluttered high above the bush.  No sudden movements...I was quiet and still.  They apparently decided it was safe, dove down and started sipping the sweet nectar.  The yellow one, while beautiful, is not unusual.  If I spot a butterfly, it's one of these. Ah, but the black one, now that was a beauty.  (S)he was quite large, too.  A few minutes out there observing nature, and I was ready to return to my delightfully cool home!

Remember to "Stay COOL and carry on!"

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