Monday, July 29, 2013

Splash of Color at CKU, Lancaster

This is what I did this past Thursday...and Friday and Saturday...

"Anyone going to be at CKU, Lancaster..."

I wasn't planning on it, but I've always wanted to go.  As one who LOVES scrapping and card making and altered arts, and a  long time subscriber to Creative Keepsakes publications, I was sure it would be a wonderland.  This was an opportunity to work with a woman I knew from my MA days...a woman who is enormously talented.  Cheryl Mezzetti is somewhat of an icon in the world of altered arts.  She worked at a Crafting store I frequented back in the day.  Her work was extraordinary from the get go.  She was "discovered", has been on any number of design teams and is currently the Education Director for Splash of  She needed an extra set of hands to help in her booth.

Inquiring minds want to know... I shot her an e-mail.  Back and forth... decided to go for the experience, and what an experience it was!  Three days of non-stop, hard work, lots of laughs, interactions with the nicest people one could ever hope to meet, seeing long lost friends, little food, little sleep, and dazzeling products...phew!

And, now a memory...  With nearly 48 hours of recuperation under my belt, I'm now able to say, I had fun!  Had you asked me Saturday night around 11 pm, as I drove home in the dark, totally sleep deprived, extraordinarily hungry, oh, so sore and completely lost (thanks a lot Siri-my love affair with you is tarnished!) well, let's just say, you might have gotten a different story!  Ah, but now the memories, the satisfaction of a job well done, the inspiration, the good times...those are what come to mind!

Cheryl brought a long her friend and colleague, Lynne Forsythe, a design team member at Splash of  Lynne is a delight...warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and compassionate as I discovered in a moment of , "I need a minute..."  (I was way over-tired, a bit hungry, and in that moment, a little happens!)  Oh, and did I mention, she, too is a creative genius!

The booth was hopping-arguably, the most popular booth there.  That isn't to say that there weren't other fabulous booths there...there were!   Had I gone as a "guest" it could have been a very expensive proposition!  My purpose was not to shop, but to SEE and see I did!  Sensory overload!

Splash of Color features LuminArte and Viva products.  Crafters everywhere are familiar with the Twinkling H2Os--I have them!  Up until Friday, I had never heard of Silks.  I didn't knowing what they were, and I certainly didn't care if I ever had them!  Now, well, let's just say, my Copics may have to share the love!  These paints are gorgeous.  I watched Cheryl layer color on color-colors that traditionally create mud...she took ordinary card board, the stuff folks recycle daily, and created art!  And, then she used stencils and Ferro and Crackle Paint and Glitter Pens...oh, my!

Cheryl and Lynne demoed product all day everyday.  I rang register, answered questions, and learned.  We had folks crowding the booth, up to 4 and 5 people deep, waiting for a turn to "play" with this line of product!  If they tried it, they had to have it---clearly addictive!  Look at those yummy colors!

If you haven't seen this product and you LOVE to create, you've got tot check it out!


  1. Oh I share your excitement and look forward to seeing your Splash of Color Creations. Cheryl came to my LSBS a couple of months ago and I was hooked immediately. I love the Silks and those rubs are more fun than you can imagine. I was rubbing everything. LOL. I am so glad you had the opportunity. Please share your creations, I need some inspiration.

  2. WOW, Ann! What an experience! I'm not a scrapper and I wish I had been there. How lucky you were to have that chance to go. LOVE IT!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!


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