Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sassy Cheryl's -Doodle It Up!

Clearly, I am a creature of habit and when I break from routine for a bit-as I have having had quite a time with bronchitis, well, I FORGET! Now, you'd think, since I made the card Sunday for this up coming challenge, I'd remember to post it, but NOOOO. For whatever reason, this morning as Im sipping my morning coffee, I remembered. So, without further ado...


It's challenge time at Sassy Cheryl's!

I went a little crazy! It's been well over a week since I've felt well enough to play in my studio. I was so happy to join the realm of the living and oh, how I love to mindlessly doodle! As a kid, every notebook was adorned with doodles. If I have a pad of paper handy when I'm on the phone, I'm doodling-nothing clever or artistic mind you, just doodling. 

Now, you have to admit, there are some pretty remarkable doodlers on this design team and when the first cards began rolling out, I was intimidated as I so often am by this group of super stars. My idea of card doodling was pretty limited. I decided to think a bit outside of the box and just flat-out doodle! 

I am a fan of Zentangles though am not terribly skilled at creating them, but I used Zentangle elements on this card. When I was done, I hesitated to share this with my team-was it too much? I honestly don't know! But, here you have it with cute little Max and Maddie as my featured players. I love these little guys-aren't they two, too cute?!


  1. Ann, I'm glad you're feeling better!!! Which leads me to say
    OHMYGIDDYAUNT!!!! You are the DOODLE QUEEN!!! I wouldn't even know where/how to begin... this is a masterpiece, girly! I'm so glad you remembered to post it!! bwahahaha!! Awesome!

  2. Dawn said it perfectly and I agree 100% with her Giddy Aunt! You are the doodling queen. Girl this is AWESOME and I am so happy you are finally feeling better. Kinda had me worried there for a while. Hugs!


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