Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's See How This Goes...

I've been a Typepad user for a number of years.  I tried out blogger once---  It was a long time ago.  But, I still have the name, and the blog, so I'm considering moving.

Argh, moving-I hate moving!  It means sorting through stuff, packing it up, sending out change of address it worth it?  Well, it could be!  Perhaps it's time to downsize to something a bit more manageable, something that is FREE!!  Whoo hoo-free!  I look at what I'm now doing and wonder why?!  I'm not running a business here-just sharing my crafty playtime fun and bits and pieces of me.

I started my blogging career when my eldest daughter introduced me to the world of blogging.  She had a blog with Typepad.  It was short-lived, but I so loved it.  She is a terrific writer with a great sense of humor, and I just loved reading about her adventures and thoughts.  But, as so often happens, she tired of it, and decided not to continue.

My first real dabbling in the land of blogs was shortly after losing both my father and son, and then being uprooted to a new city and state where I knew no one!  I also had to give up my job, a career.  Starting over in a new locale was daunting, and honestly, I had neither the energy nor the desire to do what it took to even put myself out there.

Scrapbooking was my passion back then-just loved it!  My husband encouraged me to try a business.  Well, I had no idea where or how to begin, so I didn't.  I scrapped and showed my work on my blog, wrote about some of my life experiences and worked on healing my shattered heart.

After a year of this, I did re-enter the work force-pretty low key, but it took up most of my days because whatever I do, I do with my whole being!  I directed a small Christian preschool---and this is when the really healing began.  Small children brought joy to this slowly mending heart.

We are folks of a certain age, so stuff happened-hard life stuff.  My mother in law, a remarkable woman in her 100th year, finally began to wear out, and we took her into our home for the last months of her life.  Just months after she died, my dear mother had a nearly fatal illness which precluded her living independently.  So, once again, I packed my bags and moved to a new town to care for my mother giving up the little job that I loved.  My dear husband supported this move visiting as he was able until his retirement when he, too, joined us.

When I first arrived here, I had little to work with, and I had to be close by my mother so I took up card making.  I could do that on a tv tray (funny-now I'm sprawled over an entire room!)  I got hooked on blogs, rubber stamps, was introduced to digs, design teams and Copics...  My world was rather small, but the Internet allowed me to make friends with some remarkable like-minded ladies.  We are a Sassy group, and recently had the opportunity to meet for REAL!  May I just say, some of the BEST people ever!

Now, it's 2013.  My dear mother is no longer with us-my poor heart crumbled once again.  BUT, God is good and HOPE is everywhere.  One of my darling daughters married and blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter-now, this is JOY!

I've served on a number of design teams.  For a while, almost too many design teams.  I never applied for a team unless I LOVED the stamps (I'm picky-what can I say?!).  Some of the designers I worked with have discontinued their happens.  People move on.  But me, I'm still coloring up a storm and scrapbooking, too!  I have made albums for people---but out of love and not for $$$.  I have a wonderful space, all my own, where I spend many hours a week creating with a purring cat in my lap!

There you have it-a little back story,  Now let's see if I actually move this time :)


  1. Ann you write just as your sitting here talking to me/us.... your words just touch my heart and I feel so blessed to have been one of the lucky girls to meet up at scamp...

  2. Ann, knowing you, reading this post really touched my heart. You are a wonderful writer. Hope Blogger works for you.


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