Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gone Fishing...

What a lucky girl---I have my very own crafting space, my studio.  It's located upstairs, in the back of the house, behind my husband's office.  It's very private with lots of light and has what I imagine, are peel and stick tiles-not particularly attractive, but certainly not offensive and perfect for what goes on in here!  My studio is also home to my cat, Earl.  Earl is part of my inheritance-no, really.  My mother got him at the humane society about two years before she died.  He was truly a comfort to her.  After she died, he started to behave, um, rather badly so housing him in my studio seemed like a humane alternative.  He's quite happy in here and now has run of the office, too, as he seems to be behaving well, now.  He is a most affectionate, BIG boy-but only on his terms!

The studio is right over the master bedroom.  One can hear activity over head when in the bedroom which may have to do with the floors.  At night, we hear things drop to the floor, and then hear Earl batting them around.  He's a night time hockey player, and is quite skilled!

I have two large bookcases against one wall.  They have a slightly curved base, so small that I cannot get a Swiffer mop under them.  They are simply too big and too heavy for me to move.  The shelves are FULL housing books, scrapbooks, and all kinds of memorabilia.  

Last night, I realized my that several of my alphabet stamps had gone rouge.  Where could they be?  I was confident that they were in the studio somewhere.  It occurred to me that they were small enough to be batted under the book case, but only if Earl hit it dead center.  What to use?  A yardstick is a wonderful fishing rod for just such a task.  Now, I wish I had made a pile of all the items I retrieved from under those cases.  It was rather impressive and because of the tiny opening, it took my quite a long time to fish them out.  Earl watched-amused, I suppose.  He was quite happy to get his catnip toys returned.  I found glue sticks, glue pens, a Copic marker, pens, at least a dozen rubber stamps, cardboard tubes for pennies, paper clips...alas, I am still missing the letter "T".

So, I "caught" a bounty...ahh, but there is that one that got away!

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